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Repair or Restore?

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2001 f250 7.3 4x4 lariat crewcab 130k miles. with everything new on it but engine. and 6inch lift im replacing now. Isssue is sudden loss of major power. lots of blow by. oil spiting out exhaust pipe. loud as **** seems to be working hard for nothing. Had a no start few days back but great ever since . will vibrate alot when on the peddle. not throwing any codes at all? Then 2 weeks ago a friend was doing a oil change for me after ilet him use the truck for half the day. he got drunk . overfilled the oil by 3 or 4 quarts .then drove it 30 miles to my house . then i went to jail that night . ill leave it at that.i was told its not a repair but restoration ? 30k restoration??? any advice please.
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First question is there a personal attachment to this truck? If so I don't it will cost 30 grand to replace the motor. Dude never let your friend change your oil. You may as well go to the dealer. They dont drink and do oil changes. I am not sure 3 or 4 quarts over will do much to damage the motor. It mostly has to do with the crank counter balancers hitting the oil in the pan. As for blow by many things could cause that. I would look at the PVC system and make sure that is is working. You could do a compression test to make sure your pistons are keeping the compression in the cylinder and not letting it go by the rings. If you have compression loss in one or more cylinders will cause vibration. I would just start with those suggestions first. 30 K for a new motor is a joke even if the dealer did it.
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