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Replaced aftermarket under bumper incandescent reverse lights with LED units. Now backup sensor system activates whenever in reverse. Why?

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As title says, I had cheap incandescent lamps, mounted under the rear bumper, on my 2000 Excursion 4x4 limited 7.3, for approx. 18 years. I replaced them with these

LED lamps, mounted in the exact same location. The much brighter LED units activate the backup sensor audible tone, every time I go in reverse. Even when I aimed them at the road. I unplugged the lamps and the reverse system operates correctly. Any idea why ? I asked Amazon tech support about it and they know nothing. Thanks.
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It sounds like you may be having problems with backfeed from changing over to LED’s. You may need to wire diodes into the 12V+ to the new lights.
so adding more diodes won't change anything.
Steve, it was my understanding the while LED’s typically use less voltage they can also backfeed voltage into the lines, and by putting a diode in it stops that reverse flow of voltage which can cause problems with existing circuits. LED’s are a form of a diode but not directional (other than they have to be wired correctly + / - to illuminate... am I mistaken? Maybe it’s just the low voltage from the LED’s messing with the computer that I’m thinking of and messing with the vehicles modules 🤔

I know there have been a lot of bulletins on the problems of upgrading to LED’s on motorcycles and the affect they have on the turn signal indicator bulbs.
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