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Reprogram door chimes

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I was able to reprogram my truck to not "chime" when the seat belt is not fastened, but can anyone tell me if you can reprogram so the chime doesn't activate when the key is in the ignition, turned off and the door open??? (F250 SD 4X4 6.0)
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I have not defeated the dome light but to defeat the door chime do the following. Look under the steering column quite near the steering wheel. There are three holes. Two are occupied by screws the third isn't. Stick a stout paper clip or small nail up into that hole. Push in on the paper clip. At the same time turn the key into the on not the start position and pull. The entire ignition tumbler will pull out. You will sell a shiny metal strip with electrical contacts on it. Place a strip of electrical on the face of the contacts. Re-insert the tumbler and you are done. If you have the paper clip,electrical tape and some scissors to cut the tape clean in your hand when you start the whole project should take about a minute. This is such an easy job you may have to get some of those little 8 oz beers as a 12 ozer is a bit of overkill.
1 - 1 of 18 Posts
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