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Results back from Blackstone not so good

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Hello Ford truck fans,

Just got the results of my oil sample back from Blackstone labs. The results show high iron and coolant in the oil. I have added the pdf file as an attachment so you can see what it looks like. Chuckster57 has been very helpful throughout my rebuild and hinted that theses engines have an oil cooler mounted on top of the engine. Possible that some failed o-rings area allowing coolant to find its way into the engine oil? The engine doesnt seem to use oil and I havent noticed that the coolant level dropped in the last 2500 miles. I have only had the truck for 2500 miles and when i drained the oil from the original purchase it was cold in the pan and had not started in a couple of months. I wonder if the new oil had some residual from the first poor drain. Has anyone had experience with these o-rings? Its a 94 IDI Turbo.

Thanks Vinnie


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Sorry, you might have mis read or I may have mis typed. the oil cooler is mounted to the block on the Drivers side. IIRC the filter mount is on the back end of the cooler.
I did see the results. You might want to pressure test the cooling system and see if the coolant is "moving" under pressure. I'm sorry if I didn't make it clearer where the cooler is located.
There is a special set of tools for doing this procedure. You have to use a pressure gauge to know the starting point and then check it after a period of time. Radiator shops probably have this set, I don't yet :icon_wink:

FWIW Sears shows a universal set for $120.00 . I might have to get it

2nd edit: Autozone shows a cooling system pressure tester for "loan" with adaptors free
Hey great news!

Just got encouraging new back from Blackstone. Looks like Im ready to do some towing!

Here are the before and after results from Blackstone.

It's too bad our dates for AZ don't coincide..Would have loved to BBQ'd and swapped stories at the campground...
That might not work out this trip but there will be more. I want to see pictures of your trip. Im sure your truck will give you no problems.. it not even broke in yet... :lol:

Will do...and bought a new HDD video camera for the trip too.
Hey Chuckster57

Bounce over to Airstream Forums - Airstream Owners Community

Thats where i spend most of my time. Everything you ever wanted to know about airstreams and more.. im vlamica over there too.. you can check out my pictures.

Looks like I have to register to view...With a Jayco, might be like owning a Dirtymax and trying to register here :jester:
Glad to hear

Now we can start planning an IDI campout!!!!
Im not sure I can camp with you until you get tested! :lol:
I Actually THOUGHT about it when I did my after trip oil/filter change yesterday....Does that count???
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