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Resurrecting a Behind-The-Barn baby.

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Hi Group, I just found this forum today in my searching for information about one of this springs' projects.

I have a 1988 F-250 with the 7.3L (non powerstroke/non turbo) that has been parked out behind the barn for the past 5 years or so. The main failure when it was parked was a bad water pump, but historically before that it suffered from the (as I found out here) all to common very hard to start problem.

I'm trying to recall what triggered the hard starting and it may be related to the rebuilt injector pump I installed back then (the original sort of dis-assembled itself one day), or it may be related to the replacement starter.

The problem is cold starts mostly. It seems as if the starter runs long enough and fast enough, but without a small sniff of ether, it will not start. If I roll down a hill, or pull the truck at 5 - 10 mph, it fires right up almost as sonn as I get one revolution from the engine. The GP indicator (Wait to Start) lamp comes on for about 10 seconds when I turn the key on and I believe that the glow plugs are in pretty good shape. Also, one of the last things I did before parking this beast was to replace all of the injectors, but it was hard starting both before and after that.

I'm going to try and mess with the IP timing a bit, as it is just left wherever it landed when I installed it years ago.

I'd welcome any advice as I venture out on this journey!

Hi from a newbie!

- TomO
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I think you may find timing is the issue. When the ip was changed was the pump taken off by removing three bolts and then removing it from the back of the mounting tower or was the tower removed with the pump? If it was the latter it is almost guaranteed that the timing is off and you will have to remove the water pump and front cover to fix it.
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