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retread tires. opinions?

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I've been running BF Goodrich all terrain T/As for a while now

They have gone up in price to over $200/each and that's with my neighbor installing them.

I've found a site for retreads at half the price, I can request BF cores.

Is it safe to assume that retreads will wear out quicker?

Anybody run re-treads?
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I'm with Bugman, you have no idea of the quality of the carcass. Lots of logging trucks in my area used to run Bandags but not on the front axle, they're high quality long wearing caps. Years ago I had used them off and on but finally blew out one on my pickup in mountain country while pulling my horse trailer. The cap didn't separate, but the sidewall blew out and I wasn't even close to the tire's max weight rating. Never again.
are they retreads or recaps?
In the US they're one in the same, never heard of recutting tread, if the tires worn out and you recut new tread you'd be well into the cords.
I've been sold on Michelins for way over 25 years. They're extremely long wearing, quiet, good traction and good ride. JMO, but when it comes to tires I think you get what you pay for. Toyos are also very good and comprable to Michelins in most all respects. About the worst tire abuse is logging trucks in the northwest and most of the independent truck owners used Toyos, Bridgestones, Goodyears, and Michelins before the Spotted Owl crap ruined the industry. I bought a new 1/2 ton in 2007 and it came with B F Goodrich Rugged Trail TA's and I've got no complaints with them. No howl, but they kind of "slap" when going over road ridges. Odd part is the pickup came with a Michelin for a spare.
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