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retread tires. opinions?

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I've been running BF Goodrich all terrain T/As for a while now

They have gone up in price to over $200/each and that's with my neighbor installing them.

I've found a site for retreads at half the price, I can request BF cores.

Is it safe to assume that retreads will wear out quicker?

Anybody run re-treads?
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are they retreads or recaps? the differences are , retread has the tread cut into the the tire, recaps are another piece of rubber with tread on it, bonded onto the tire . either way i'm with the others. the tires are cheaper, but less reliable . i have them on my work truck (recaps, no choice of mine) but you are subjected to slow leaks and the risk of throwing the cap off if not bonded well. and also you get what i call 30mph hump(the whole vehicle bounces up & down). where i am they are not legal for the front, tells me that they are not so safe. you half to remember that the core already has high miles on them, sometimes that's all they have been designed for. as always it's you're choice but as for me i'm on the negative side, hope this helps.
about cutting new treads , our tires have a small arrow on the side of the tread that tells how far you can wear a tire, any lower than that and you can't cut them. they don,t do it much anymore because recaps are cheaper and are done better then years ago .
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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