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retread tires. opinions?

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I've been running BF Goodrich all terrain T/As for a while now

They have gone up in price to over $200/each and that's with my neighbor installing them.

I've found a site for retreads at half the price, I can request BF cores.

Is it safe to assume that retreads will wear out quicker?

Anybody run re-treads?
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With retreads you are gambling that the inner core of the tire is good and I am not willing to take that bet again. I bought a pair of retreads once and as soon as I put a load on the truck both tires blew within 10 miles and that was with me running the tires at the recommended pressure for the load, and no I didn't over load them. As far as life it all depends on the make up of the tire compound. It is is soft then they will wear real fast, if it is hard they will wear for a long time. It all depends on their rubber make up. You will also hear that big trucks also run retread but only on the trialer or non steering axles, but then when one of those tires goes it usually has one sitting right next to it to help out until it gets replaced.

But for my safty I will never run retreads again.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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