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retread tires. opinions?

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I've been running BF Goodrich all terrain T/As for a while now

They have gone up in price to over $200/each and that's with my neighbor installing them.

I've found a site for retreads at half the price, I can request BF cores.

Is it safe to assume that retreads will wear out quicker?

Anybody run re-treads?
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I've got a couple of "treadwright" tires on my 99 PSD right now, been on for 2 yrs. on the front. Prolly got 10-12K miles on them. They are not what you would call "recap" or "retreads", they actually mold "fresh" rubber to the casing. The casing's are Michelin's, size is 235/85/16. I personally will get them again when needed, but everyone has there own opinion.
1 - 1 of 10 Posts
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