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Reviews on 6 position chips

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I've had some customer inquiries lately for some 7.3L performance. I don't own one personally just work on them. I'd like to get some feed back on the different custom chips and the tunes accompanying them. Most of the customers I'm dealing with are looking for performance and econo tunes along with a high idle. Tune, intake, and exhaust kind of thing. Also What kind of digital monitors pair nicely with them? Just looking for some honest feedback on products you've used good or bad.
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ive got a 97 and just installed the ts 6 pos with the ts informant touch screen and it works great in fact its one of the best chips ive ever used i have the ts EGT probe as well and its so nice to be able to monitor everything from my ICP to well everything honestly it will even give you trouble codes if interested. the power gains are a feel it in your seat kind. i can run a 0-60 in stock at 16.8 seconds and in 150+hp im running a flat 13 seconds. the high idle is nice as well for warm ups on cold mornings. i love it.
1 - 1 of 7 Posts
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