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Ride Rite Replacement Compressor

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After 15 years the compressor for my air bags finally gave out, I’m looking for recommendations for a replacement. I’d like one that would fill faster than the old one.
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Viair is a known supplier and likely good quality. They have a wide range of onboard air systems. (Disclaimer - I don't have an onboard compressor, not an interest in Viair.) You could get by with a tiny compressor if you put in a storage tank to store high pressure air. As long as you didn't try to fill the air bags frequently (like every 10 minutes - not a real need to do that), a little compressor would do just fine. It would just run a bit longer to recharge the tank.
You should be able to replace just the compressor and wire/plumb it in just like the original.
That's either a little bitty compressor or a really BIG knife. ;)
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1 - 3 of 32 Posts
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