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Rockwell axle with air brakes

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Well it is brake replacement time.
Got ready to pull drum and it is hung on the shoes.
I have the brake pods caged.
Got the drum to move about an inch then no more.
The drums are very worn with big groves visable.
Anyway is there a trick to getting the shoes to draw in farther?
Or just break out the torch and heat the drums.
Any ideas appreciated.
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You should be able to back off the slack adjusters. These are the parts the brake chamber pushrods attach to that rotates the "S" cams to activate the brakes. You want the cams to turn the opposite direction they go when the brake pushrod pushes out of the brake chamber. This will adjust the brakes further from the drums.

You can also disconnect the brake chamber pushrods from the slack adjusters and just rotate them further back toward the brake chamber if you wish, although if you do not have to disassemble that part it is just one more step in the process.

Couple links that may help:



I would assume with a Rockwell axle you would have Rockwell slack adjusters, depending on if they have been replaced or not.

Hope this helps out.

Dave / Believer45
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What brand of slack adjusters? Most can be backed off but you have to know the secret handshake to do it.

Dave / Believer45
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