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Rotor choice

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So after much reading and looking around decided on the slotted Powerslot cryo (also now called Stoptech) rotor here:

Front Right Power Slot Cryo Rotor 126.65067CSR for Ford F350 (1 ton) pickup - 4wd 1999 Drw to 3/22/99 including super duty - Frozen Rotors
and Hawk LTS pads.

Called my local tire and brake shop (who I've used for years and trust and has always done great work) and gave them the part numbers I wanted just to see what they'd get them for.
I got a reply back from the "brake guy" in the shop recommending I instead should go with the Power Stop (~$12 more than the Powerslots above) drilled and slotted rotor here:

Drilled and Slotted Rotor ? Pair | Power Stop

They don't make significantly more money on either.
I'm wondering what people on the forum think of his suggestion?

I've read a ton on brakes/rotors and while a lot of what I've read is old, it seems some people think drilled rotors are more for fast/light cars than heavy trucks. And then again some swear by drilled and slotted for their heavy trucks.
Anybody have any input on this?

And I've read the usual: slots will get rid of the gas from the pads better and the drilled holes will keep the brake much cooler ......AND the other side of the coin is, slots and drilled holes just reduce the mass of the rotor (and its heat sink ability) and the holes are prone to cracking ...and the slots and holes will fill up with pad material anyway.

Can any body shine any light on this?
Or, does any one have experience with the Powerstop (not Powerslot) drilled/slotted rotors?

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I have the slotted rotors and have no complaints. Didn't get drilled ones because of the reduced area.
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