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O.k. 95 F350 7.3 Dually.. I have had this issue for quite some time and thought I would have fixed it by now basically in the morning cold or warm day doesn't matter truck fires right up drives amazing idles nice and smooth at stop lights and what not. As soon as the engine is running at regular temperature for a little while it then starts to idle rough. It drives fine no other issues. Only rough idle after it's been running. As soon as I hit the fuel pedal it's fine and smooths out. Pretty much everything on this truck has been replaced I even added a HPX thinking it would help and it did nothing the idle isn't crazy rough but just an annoyance I was next to an obs at a stop light and I notice how smooth his was. Two new fuel tanks with the hutch mods. New pickup screen fuel filter replaced every other oil change. My oil changes are always at 3,000 and the oil is still see through every time no smoke when starting nothing.??? My only other idea was something with the injector seals?? But I have no idea all injectors pass the buzz test and sound good?? Let me know your thoughts..
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