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Rough Idle

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I recently replaced the return lines and injectors.

It seems to sound a lot quieter (less knock), better pedal response, and a little more power. But one thing I did notice is that in gear at a stop I'm getting a little vibration from the motor. It's consistent, and I'm wondering if the timing is off a little.

Any thoughts on how to correct this???
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Since you replaced the injectors the timing has changed most likely.... are you getting any smoke if so what color. White would be retarded and black advanced timing. However quiet is an indicator of retarded.

Power up the timing advance on the IP with 12 volt jumper, see if the engine responds favorably..... ie little more noise and better power still...... visit my photo link for IP pics.
Some of us set the timing by "ear". This comes from some experimentation and experience.
I like mine so that when the engine is cold, as the cold advance is on, the engine rattles pretty loud, but once the cold advance drops off, then the rattle smooths out and the engine is much more quiet. If you have it too advanced, then it makes that loud rattle all the time, often accompanied by lots of black smoke, and if too retarded, will sound kinda flat most of the time, lack power, and often not smoke at all, or may even smoke greyish/whitish(unburned fuel).
When you are standing at the front of the truck facing the engine, if you turn the pump counterclockwise(top of the pump to the passenger side) you'll be advancing the timing, and obviously clockwise will retard the timing.

Note .... Never move the IP with the engine running, tighten at least 2 nuts before starting.

The thickness of a dime is the most change at one time, then run it and see what improvement is found. If you want to try more use the timing advance powered up to see what 2-3 more degrees advance would sound like.
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