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running blend through fphe

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having problems getting my aux pump to pick up the wvo. wanting to blend 50/50 to try to get it thinner and to be able to at least save some fuel money. wandering if there will be any issue running the blend through the heat exchanger? also wandering if i use the blend if i have to purge or can i just run this as my fuel. by the way, its a 92 f250 7.3l idi that i have done a diy conversion on.any ideas would be great. just cant seem to get my oil to make it to my duel filters. any help appreciated:read:
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A blend of what?

I used a FPHE for W85 and the truck went the BEST it ever has. No smoke at idle , more power etc
The problem I encountered was W85 turned into W100 after about 3 days driving around town [ I could smell the gasoline that vapored off ]

Use a FPHE for W100 and a 2nd tank of D2 to start it on cold mornings.

The FPHE I used was an oil cooler off a Nissan Diesel Van engine, the oil cooler bolted to a Nissan Diesel fuel filter head [ no mods at all ]

I had about $25 invested in it , including hoses and a ball valve to shut off the water system.
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