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running blend through fphe

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having problems getting my aux pump to pick up the wvo. wanting to blend 50/50 to try to get it thinner and to be able to at least save some fuel money. wandering if there will be any issue running the blend through the heat exchanger? also wandering if i use the blend if i have to purge or can i just run this as my fuel. by the way, its a 92 f250 7.3l idi that i have done a diy conversion on.any ideas would be great. just cant seem to get my oil to make it to my duel filters. any help appreciated:read:
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i have a two tank system with serperate filters for each. i want to run 50/50 wvo-diesel mix... im wandering if i still should start on diesel or try to start on the mix. and if heating it will be an issue.also....i have to plug my truck up in may...which sucks....any ideas? glow plug relay/controller?
my wvo tank is the rear and is half full of wvo that has never been used, its a brand new tank. can i add half tank of diesel, start on it and drive it. that tank does go through the heat exchanger. thats what i need to know. for the summer, can i start and run on 50/50 wvo/diesel blend with no issues of the temp of the fuel or messing up my IP?
any help would be great, im new trying to save some fuel money
what about starting on it? thats what im wandering. if i blend outside the tank, let it sit, then filter and refill. can i start the truck with blend and drive without having to start on straigh diesel? im going to keep my front tank straight deisel so that if i have problems with the blend i can purge it out and go back to diesel.
1 - 4 of 9 Posts
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