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Running Boards

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I just got a 2000 PSD supercab and it has stock black running boards for the cab, would like to have the board from the cab to the rear wheel. Can anyone tell me where to find the board that will match the ones from Ford.
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I have those running boards so let me forewarn you that they look awesome but are a pain to keep clean. Especially if you live in an area when you get snow and they salt the roads and add calcium chloride and all that great stuff. The problem lies with the strips of rubber that they add as a grip, they are attached to a metal strip and then riveted to the actual running board. What happens is junk gets underneath those metal strips and this is where you have to clean the most because its gets filthy. As far as them being sturdy, yes, I stand on them and I am a slim trim 270 lbs /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/laugh.gif So if you can deal with cleaning them then I would say they are a good choice and if you like clear LEDS I found a brand that has clear lenses with amber LEDS that fit with the lights that you can order with the boards.
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I bought mine from this guy and he gave me a good price. Do you have a crew cab?
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