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"Safe" power upgrades for '97 PowerStroke

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I have a 1997 f-350 powerstorke. 4 door 8' box and LOVE IT. I am new to diesels and would love some help. I have a 4" exhaust, full banks turbo kit on it, all meters, pyro boost trans.

It only has 95,000 miles on it, very very clean truck. I have a stock air box and just got rid of the K&N. I have about a 70 horse chip in it and a stock air box, what would you recommend to install on this.

I just bought a 36' toy hauler that i will pull with my truck, what upgrades and percautions are out there to help with the life of the tranny. once and a while it shifts, well not shifts but its like the torque converter jumps into third gear. What might this be.

Any help is appreciated.

Andrew/ new bee.
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Chip Information

For now get a Tymar intake, TW chip and a BTS or John Woods VB.

To help with towing I'd get a BD brake.

Do you have a IC?

I know I need an intake, very expensive for what they are, If i got a good filter off ebay, i could make my own box to save some money, maybe. The TW chip, is that the name of it, how expensive. I will try and do some searches on it. What is a VB. Also by BD brake, do you mean an exhaust brake, and also what is and IC.

My transmission is rebuilt about at 80,000 miles and made heavier duty, has a shift kit I think. I have a banks shift device that plugs into the transmission underneath the truck. If I take it out the trans shifts very hard and firm.

My first thing I would like to do with taxes is the intake and the chip. i may not have to tow my toy hauler much as company will for me if it may hurt my trans, but I do have all gauges. do you reccomend putting temp guage on rear end.

thanks again, any input is helpful and I have a few question as you can see.

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the trailor weighs around 13-14k loaded down at the absolute most. I can't find the TW chip, do you have more info on it. I found a new ts performance chip from advance diesel for 250 off ebay that some people talk about, but not a TW chip. They also offer an intake kit that is just an extension and an air filter for $100 more, what is you opinion on that.

What do you recomend, a TW chip or a TS chip. A TS chip is half the price of the TW, Is the TW worth it????

It is the Banks shift command that makes your trans shift smother, as if i unplug it I get real hard yet frim shift that will throw you back in the seat.
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