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"Safe" power upgrades for '97 PowerStroke

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I have a 1997 f-350 powerstorke. 4 door 8' box and LOVE IT. I am new to diesels and would love some help. I have a 4" exhaust, full banks turbo kit on it, all meters, pyro boost trans.

It only has 95,000 miles on it, very very clean truck. I have a stock air box and just got rid of the K&N. I have about a 70 horse chip in it and a stock air box, what would you recommend to install on this.

I just bought a 36' toy hauler that i will pull with my truck, what upgrades and percautions are out there to help with the life of the tranny. once and a while it shifts, well not shifts but its like the torque converter jumps into third gear. What might this be.

Any help is appreciated.

Andrew/ new bee.
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Tranny problem could be a badly tuned chip. Whos chip is it?? If the tranny is still stock and if the truck has towed much aything pask 100K is borrowed time (and you are very close) IMO. This engine is very durable it is wayyyyy underpowered as caryt said 400+ hp is very safe if done right but your tranny will last about a day at that hp level. A 36' toyhauler and you better just drop the cash and get a BTS tranny cause stock it ain't gonna last long for sure you are going to spend 5k anyway when your tranny goes south...JMHO...
VB=transmission valve body

Not familiar with the banks trans stuff. What is the weight of the trailor?? I am sure you will be overweight.
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