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safe to keep downpipe loose?

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hey guys, im thinking about getting a smoke stack kit from black cloud diesel..i was going to delete the cat and i untighend the downpipe bolts to see if i would like the sound. At idle it sounds stock, but idk if that is because some of the noise is still going through the cat and muffler, when i drive it, the truck sounds awesome around 2500 RMP and up. Is it safe to leave the downpipe unbolted from the rest of the exhaust or should i tie it back up to the exhaust untill i get my kit?

Thanks alot, Jay
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There is a vast difference between supercharging and turbocharging. The supergharger on drag cars is regarded as "positive displacement" while the turbo is not. The supercharger is mechanically driven while the turbocharger is not.

In the case of the dragster and the P51, the exhaust systems job is to get the exhaust away from the unit and the driver as quickly and with as little weight/aerodynamic penalty as possible.

In turbo charger applications (those operated on the street, at least) the idea is to maximize pressure drop across the turbine stage while moving the exhaust to a convenient location that will minimize obstruction of the drivers view in the mirrors, offer acceptable noise emissions (I sure we can all disagree on what is acceptable)and minimize underbody obstruction (important for guys like me).
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