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safe to keep downpipe loose?

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hey guys, im thinking about getting a smoke stack kit from black cloud diesel..i was going to delete the cat and i untighend the downpipe bolts to see if i would like the sound. At idle it sounds stock, but idk if that is because some of the noise is still going through the cat and muffler, when i drive it, the truck sounds awesome around 2500 RMP and up. Is it safe to leave the downpipe unbolted from the rest of the exhaust or should i tie it back up to the exhaust untill i get my kit?

Thanks alot, Jay
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I'm thinkin thats a real bad idea....

Not to beat a really dead horse but, Backpressure has been kicked around here like a readheaded stepchild!

I do have a Turbo Back Aftermarket Exhaust system on my truck,
But I would NEVER try to out think the engineers that tested & designed it!

I remember in the 70's & 80's when the big four Japanese Motorcycle Manufacturers (Honda, Yamaha, Kawasaki & Suzuki)found that finely tuned exhaust systems gained them mucho horspower on their 2-Stroke Roadracing & Motocross Bikes. /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/biggrin.gif

Those hand built pipes were works of art and extremely expensive too
they spawned the enormous aftermarket Exhaust system market for all types & brands of motorcycles! /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/eek.gif

So, If it were my truck I'd leave it installed AS INTENDED by the manufacturer...(they kinda know more about it than I do)


[/ QUOTE ]

Thats the dumbest comparison I have ever heard. Despite what you think two stroke ********* ***** bikes are not the same as diesels. Wow, don't give input if you have no idea what your talking about. Yes two stroke gas engines need back pressure to run properly in their powerband. However a diesel will run without back pressure how many times does this need to be explained. You have enough backpressure forcing the exhaust through the turbine housing alone.

You said you don't want to mess with what the engineers who designed your exhaust system gave you. Well, for as much faith as you people have in ford and the aftermarket for the performance possibilties of exhaust sytems, they're still accomplishing one goal... to be street legal and push the exhaust out the rear of the truck, I mean [censored] if they could they'd put f'ing zoomies through the hood. But they can't so don't piss your pants about changing the exhaust configuration if your not worried about being Street legal. Then again even if you are there are many possibilities besides the shitty stock exhaust.
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