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safe to keep downpipe loose?

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hey guys, im thinking about getting a smoke stack kit from black cloud diesel..i was going to delete the cat and i untighend the downpipe bolts to see if i would like the sound. At idle it sounds stock, but idk if that is because some of the noise is still going through the cat and muffler, when i drive it, the truck sounds awesome around 2500 RMP and up. Is it safe to leave the downpipe unbolted from the rest of the exhaust or should i tie it back up to the exhaust untill i get my kit?

Thanks alot, Jay
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did anyone ever notice that supercharged fuel dragsters dont hardley have any exhaust pipes? they dont need exhust back presure to prevent re-version because the blower pressure dont give the exhaust any choice butt to "get outta dodge" !!!!!! or international in our case? another good case is the rolls powered p-51 mustang. they had 12" exhaust pipes. some early test planes tryed exhust manifolds, but they ran better without them. supercharging again raises its ugly head, haha
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