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For those of you involved in helping Fordnut74 -

Scott ( sagebel ):

I really do not know Jason and his wife, Barbara. She just happened to run into us the day we made the post about this. I could not stay over on the Coast any longer - I was headed out, late, to go home to Utah.

It was my privilege to see Scott Larson and his wife - and I have to tell you that Scott bragged you up a LOT!! And, now I see why. I personally just want to thank you for absolutely EVERYTHING you have done to help Jason and his family. That was going more than the extra mile!

There is something really special about you guys over there on the Coast of Washington and in Canada, in the 94-97 PSD group on TDS!! It is neat to know that people care about each other like that in this day and age!!

Thanks again!! And, thanks also for the privilege of being part of THIS area of the forum!!
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