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San Diego, CA. SMOG HELP!!

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I assume this has been covered but I am a newbie here and not sure where it is covered...

Ok, I stopped by a smog shop to get my 2002 F-350 4x4 Diesel smog checked and the guy would not even start after he looked in my engine compartment and saw I had a cold air intake and said where is your ######## sticker that states this intake is legal? I said what are you talking about and he proceded to tell me to go put the stock equipment back on it and come back before he will even attempt it?

Ok, So I am not going to do that.. any suggestions of a smog shop in San Diego, CA. that understands us diesel owners???

please help??
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Since the aftermarket intake is an "alteration" of the emission system, it does require a C.A.R.B. exemption..Lots of guys I know have had the same issue and have borrowed someone else's stock intake to get passed the test.

Put yourself in the smog shops shoes. If you were operating the shop and B.A.R. sent in a "plant" (and they do!) is it really worth your license and the fines?
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