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Saved over $1,100 today in parts and labor.

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Started shopping after the local Ford dealer wanted $815 to do a stinking water pump. Here is what I got online:

New Airtex water pump $85.99 including stant thermostat and all gaskets.

Upper Goodyear hose 9.95
Lower Goodyear hose 9.95
Serp Belt 25.50 (I had just paid $52 at Ford so I now have a spare)
Pulley Tensioner 56.00

All including shipping $215.00

Going to switch from Green to Delo ELC so that was 4 x 16.97 or 67.88.

Does Ford actually get enough people paying those huge dealer shop charges to warrant NOT discounting some to get more business? Im glad for them that so many people are wealthy enough not to care.
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but you still have to do the work. and for alot of people, its not an option.

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I am sorry, unless there is a phusical or mental handicap I don't feel one bit sorry for folks who get raped by the dealers. My dad taught me some basic principals, oil changes, brakes, starters etc... the rest I have learned on my own, although I am no diesel tech I will tackle most jobs that don't require tearing apart a motor. Replacing a water pump is something anybody can do with a decent set of tools and some patience. There are lots of forums for great info as well. If folks still think the dealer is the only one to fix my car, then they deserve to pay what they charge, nobody is holding a gun to their head. I understand there are circumstances when this can't be avoided, but to Marvin I say good for you, be proud of yourself for saving the $$$ Just wait until you heal up before you replace it. I am telling you I know what I am talking about.
Take Care
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