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I just bought a used SCT X3, unlocked with 5 unlocks. At first the SCT updater would not recognize the X3 but I got that resolved. I am trying to update the Tuner so that it will recognize one of my trucks. I am trying to load the file "X3-TR150-US-FORD.IFU but mid way through the upload I get this dialog box:

"System.Exception: Failed to Send File, Failed to write bulk data at Sct.DriverSct.SendFile(String file, Byte[] data) at Sct.LWUpdaterMainDialog.SendfuFiles(Byte[]& data, FileInfo&info, IDriver& device) at Sct.LWUpdaterMainDialog.TransferFile()"

Anybody know what is happening? What I need to do to resolve this error?

Thanks in advance.
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