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SCT X3 software

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The software doesn't work with Windows xp64 or Vista does it?
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Do you have the 64bit-XP operating system?
maybe there is a szetting or something withing my system thats not setup right to let the program run properly.
Monterey Ca.

I been threw about 8 computers now. this thing requires alot of power from the usb port that it shuts off before it completely boots up when you plug it in.
I just bought the powered USB hub last night but the Pentium4 2.0 Ghz computer i tried last night faild to send again. I guess I'll have to try another computer again.
I have not tried to hold the Cancle button and plugged it in for I wasn't tring to load the firmware to the X3.

I pluddeg it in last night and the screen did it's thing Beep beep beep thing and so on and then it faild to transfer and then it said something like it couldn't unlock the X3.

*** So glad I bout the 400 dollar toy and 160 dollars of tunes from ID... What a rediculous fiasco this is turning into...
*** SCT needs to get their head out of their A$$ and get up to date with the times... I have motorcycles and the Dynojet PowerCommander software is Awesome but yet still basic, however it will load onto any opperating system and still work great. The SCT software is Stone age CRAP...
Just as an update to B!#%ING and Moaning. I got my X3 loaded.
I had to use the powered USB Hub and my budies computer.
As for Innovative Diesel, AWESOME Tunes... Thank you very much. I have no intentions of using the Extreme Race Tune until I install my head studs. The Extreme Street Tune is Crazy anyhow... A little smoke from the exhaust and a little smoke from the 35 inch tires...
Thanks to those that Emailed me and helped out. The tech support I got from this website is much more than I got from SCT...
Thanks Again
hahaha, I got about 5k left on mine. If I'm good.
1 - 7 of 14 Posts
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