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Anyone use this on their Power Stroke? I have heard a lot of good things about it, and am thinking of using it to clean out my intake.

What are your thoughts, or experiences with this?
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I have used it on a lot of gas engines with good results. I have also filled my secondary fuel filter on my 6.0 with it when changing the filters. It seemed to improve slightly how the truck ran, but it was probably in my head.

How do you clean an intake with it?? These trucks are directly injected and the fuel never goes through the intake. I don't know that injecting it through the turbo would be a good idea, and it might cause problems.
I use SeaFoam to fill my fuel filter on each change. Fill the filter bowl on PSD's I work on.

I wouldn't attempt to introduce any liquid to the intake of a Diesel engine. Gas engines tolerate liquids much easier because of lower compression. Diesel engines have very little room in the combustion chamber to achieve the pressure needed, and adding liquid is asking for a problem.
Good points, anyone else have any thoughts? I want to use it in my intake to clean out all the gunk, I heard it works great, but then again I do not know if this is great for diesels.
I will have to read the directions on the can once again, but I believe it says that you should not add it to a diesels intake..... Yes, I went to the garage and read the can and it does say. do not use in a diesel intake. There ya go.
Sweet, thanks, I guess that seals it.
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