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Seat Upgrade Question

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I bought a pair of 2004 Excursion front bucket seats for my 2001 Lariat. The seats are both power and heated. The seats in my truck are heated, but only the driver was power. The new passenger seat plugs in and the heat works, but no power. The driver seat has a totally different plug. Anyone got any suggestions on where to go from here?
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I'd probably just splice a power wire off the driver side seat and run it to the passenger side seat, and just cut off the mis-matching plug and wire it directly. I guess there's no power wire on the passenger side at all? If there is, but the plugs just don't match, you can try getting a new plug (doubtful) from the dealer, and cut off the old one and hook it up to the spot you cut off, then plug them together. It'd be easier, if there's already a plug, to just cut off both mismatchign plugs and wire the wires directly together.
1 - 1 of 3 Posts
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