Had a nice looking set of wheels on my 2007 F250, but managed to break one. I've tried looking for a replacement wheel, but since I bought them about 13 years ago, they just don't seem to be available, so I've decided to look for a used set ( 4 or maybe 5 ) of 17 inch mag style wheels that are in nice shape.. Looking for about 9" wide with an offset that doesn't stick the tires way out there so they don't throw mud all over the truck and that have enough backspace to fit easily around disc brakes. Prefer mostly black with maybe some machined areas that expose the base metal. It would be real handy if you are, say, either in or near Reno, NV!!

I'll try to stick an image on here somehow so you can see more or less what I like and am looking for. Please PM me or just reply with what you might have and I'll get back with you. Thanks!
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