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shift on the fly 4wd

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hey all! i'm on the 'old school' side of the fence and really prefer manual stuff, and did find a manual trans '06 CC dsl 4wd. however it's got esof - how is the reliability of this system (switches, servos, vacuum, etc)? i'v only used 4wd in my '95 a couple times, and low range a couple times, in 11 years, but when i need it i need it...... thanks in advance for your input.
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When I bought my 03 F350 I searched the region for a manual transfer shift. I found it configured exactly as I would have ordered it, down to the color. Got lucky I guess.

Why I was so adamant about manual t-case shifting? I had my transfer case go out on my 92 K2500 while on an elk hunt. Ruined a perfectly good day of hunting as it went out before the sun even came up. Had to turn around and head back to camp. Spent all morning and part of the afternoon taking apart the t-case, removing the servo and trying to bail it back to force the t-case. Nothing worked. About mid afternoon my buddy asked me if I checked the fuse. Sure enough...blown. I replaced it and we were back in business.

I have this weird feeling about all this automatic BS they put on these trucks. Manual seems to be more reliable.

Then when I shopped for my 06 I realized I rarely take my F350 off road. I do not hunt out of it. I figured this go-around I would get the ESOF. I have to say, I really like it. Makes my life so much easier when I decide I need 4x4.

But if I were doing off-road regulalry, I would stick with manual.

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1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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