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Shock absorbers for 2002 Ford F350 Lariat 4x4 crew cab

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We need urgently to replace the shock absorbers front and rear. Had Rancho's. Read about Bilstein's, but they are all with gas and cannor be shipped via air. Any recommendation for a solution without gas or a representative in Chile, Argentina, Uruguay or Brazil? (Ebay and Amazon don't ship them. Shipping by sea takes 3-4 months.)
Thanks in advance for any help.
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From Bilstein's website. Hope this helps.

S&S Suspensâo e Soluçôes Ltda.
Rua Dr. Francisco Petrarca Jelo 72, 04689-100 Sâo Paulo

Are you sure that Amazon won't ship to you? They will to me in Alaska and they insist everything come up here by air. But they sometimes won't ship the most mundane items to me. Although Amazon doesn't necessarily offer the best pricing.
I'm seeing some on ebay (Set of 4). I put in Chile for shipping charges and came back with $295 for shipping with deliver by between Feb 15 and 24.
You might try calling the vendor you're looking at.
Well that sucks!

Hopefully that outfit in Brazil can help you out.
Sorry I can't tell you if they're right. You need to know if your truck has stock suspension and what those shocks are set up for. I can't tell by the part numbers you posted.

If your truck is stock height, not lifted, these may work, but i would confirm with the seller if they are for stock height.
1 - 3 of 8 Posts