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Shortbox/5th wheel questions --> Pullrite Superglide and Popup hitch extenders

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I have a few questions about these two products.

<ul type="square">[*]Can the little piece that attaches to the trailer by the kingpin be easily removed if the trailer were to be pulled by another vehicle w/o the Pullrite?
[*]Can you pull any other trailer not equipped with the little mechanism with a Pullrite hitch?
[*]On the Pullrite website, it is stated that the big 24K hitch works when reversing. Is this not the case for the 16K?
[*]is there much maintenance or wear associated with the sliding mechanism?
[*]is the kingpin clamping system on this hitch a good design?
[*]any other pros/cons with this hitch?
[*]HITCH [/list]

<ul type="square">[*]has anyone used these things?
[*]do you think they will damage the trailer or pinbox because of the extra 'leverage' they place on the trailer?
[*]any other opinions?
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I have a Superglide hitch.

1. It could be removed, not easily. Think of it as an anti-theft device. I'm not sure, but I believe they have an adaptor available.
2. Again, I'm not sure, but I believe you could. The slider would not work. I've never tried.
3. My 16k works in reverse.
4. A little bit of grease is all it needs occasionally. I keep mine lathered up with white lithium. Slides very easily. No noise or wear.
5. When it clamps on, there is a very satisfying engaging sound and the lever slides in about 6". You won't make a mistake thinking its hooked up when its not. You may have to raise the trailer a bit or rock the truck to disengage the lever occasionally.
6. I've had mine for 3 years. I just finished a 5k tow into the northwest. Never had any reason to doubt the hitch. Sliding mechanism works good with my truck, even if you have to jackknife. Of course, the type of front cap on your trailer might have a
bearing on the effectiveness of the hitch. The one on my rig is rounded at the corners so I have plenty of clearance in sharp turns. One thing about the hitch, though,you have to back in straight. It does not like to hook up if you are off to the side more than an inch.
I have the removeable rail system so when I remove the hitch there is nothing in the bed except four small holes, which can be plugged with rubber boots, if you wish. They also market a gooseneck hitch attachment for use with the rail system if you need the goose as well. IMO, this is the best 5th hitch for SWB PU on the market, and they price them accordingly.
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