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Shortbox/5th wheel questions --> Pullrite Superglide and Popup hitch extenders

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I have a few questions about these two products.

<ul type="square">[*]Can the little piece that attaches to the trailer by the kingpin be easily removed if the trailer were to be pulled by another vehicle w/o the Pullrite?
[*]Can you pull any other trailer not equipped with the little mechanism with a Pullrite hitch?
[*]On the Pullrite website, it is stated that the big 24K hitch works when reversing. Is this not the case for the 16K?
[*]is there much maintenance or wear associated with the sliding mechanism?
[*]is the kingpin clamping system on this hitch a good design?
[*]any other pros/cons with this hitch?
[*]HITCH [/list]

<ul type="square">[*]has anyone used these things?
[*]do you think they will damage the trailer or pinbox because of the extra 'leverage' they place on the trailer?
[*]any other opinions?
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i have installed several of the RV5 units. neat item, but the only problem i seem to run into is the height increase of the pin. even dropping the hitch doesnt always do it. i have had to flip the axle, and drop the hitch. the sliders are nice, but i have seen enough damage from people pushing thier luck trying to make a turn. i have also been stuck in traffic while a guy had to slide his hitch back to make into a parking lot. they both have their goods and bads. the RV5 is not easy to remove, but once it installed, you can use it from truck to truck. the slider hitch is nice, as you can tow any trailer with it, but you need to remember to slide it before you make that sharp turn. sometimes, it is required in the middle of an intersection..
1 - 1 of 9 Posts
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