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shut down delay for turbos

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Do any of the programers have this option to turn off the truck after turbos have cooled? Or is there a better way to do this?
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Isspro Ttm

I haven't heard of that being included in any programmer/tuners.

I have had an ISSPRO Turbo Temp Monitor (TTM) installed for about 9 years. Works great, is reliable, and lives a long time. It's tied to the pyrometer, and kills the engine when the pyrometer cools off to 300° exhaust gas temp (EGT).

You can get one from any ISSPRO gauge dealer. One is
ISSPRO Turbo Temp Monitor R4130 at DieselManor

Ignore the hype that it needs to be tied to a post-turbo thermocouple. Mine has been tied to my pre-turbo pyrometer for 9 years, and I can allow the TTM to kill the engine 99.9 percent of the time. The only exception is if I drag a heavy trailer to the top of a mountain pass, then stop at the top of the pass with a red-hot turbo. In that rare instance, the pre-turbo EGT will cool off to 300° before the post-turbo EGT, so don't let the TTM kill the engine. Kill it manually only after the pre-turbo exhaust gas temp (EGT) cools off to 280° or less, and by that time the post-turbo EGT will be down to around 300°.
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I have been very happy with the BD cool down timer. It shuts down the engine at a set temperature as well.
Yeah, BD misnamed it. It's not a "timer", it's a controller just like the TTM. And it's very hard to find on the BD website. But I found it, so here it is:
BD Power - Product: Cool Down Timer

Their website doesn't mention the 2008-up 6.4L engine, but call them and I'll bet they say it will work on your 6.4L too.
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