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On my 97 the front springs look like they have sagged a bit over the years and I need to get a little of that height back on the cheap! A idle mind is the devils handy work and I was fooling with the idea of putting a leaf out of a rear spring pack that I removed (it was added by th po and rode worse then a reg obs if u can believ that) so the rears are stock again. Could I throw that leaf on the top of my front spring pack (flip the added leaf so I can use it as the negative arche? How much is a decent add-a-leaf kit? What kind of alignment issues will I get with a add a leaf? Or my thought for that matter? Will the add a leaf make the ride worse cause of extra spring or better due to not hitting the bumps? Or will it stay the same?
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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