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Single Cab, cab/front end swap questions

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Don't know if this is where this post belongs but figured it was better fit here then other places... if not sorry, please move it

I have a 1988 F350 Dump truck that I use for work purposes. Its a solid workhorse and for now id like to keep it around... even if I get a newer one in the near future. The only downside is the body (Cab and front end) shows its age and needs some work. New body parts (or good shape used ones) will easily add up quick plus the time and labor to prep the body and spray it (even myself)
I found an early 90's 92-93 parts truck locally that the guys is unloading for reasonably cheap. I wanted to see if it was worth while for me to consider swapping the cabs and front ends over so that it will update my truck and make it look even more presentable to clients while sitting at a job site.

My trucks an 88 F350 single cab with a 460 gasser and a manual transmission. The parts truck is a F250 I believe, single cab, gasser as well. Im not sure what id be getting myself into but wanted to ask if anyone here had experience doing this?

Since its a manual trans that will knock out any of the auto trans wiring issues. Will I have to use my 88's wiring harness in the cab or since its a gasser can I use the newer trucks inside the cab harness?

Thanks for your input.
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