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I for one appreciate you busting your @$$ to keep the site up and running through all this.
What seems strange to me is the download speeds I get here and on other sites. Most times, when I go to a site or d'load a file I only get up to 3.5 or 4.0 K/sec. This is the only site where I've had the pages load at 9.0 K/sec, and I've hit 16 K/sec at times! I feel strongly that's 56k access is a joke, even file transfers from the local news/mail servers are stuck at 2.0-4.0 K/sec.
At least that's what Netscape says. I don't think I understand how that stuff works all that well...

Jim Z
1984 F-250 Std. Cab 6.9 235k and counting
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