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slow tow/ over heating

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ok sorry in advance for how long this might be.
First off my truck: 05 F250 6.0L 80000 miles. Banks 6 gun tuner, exhaust, intercooler, intake, airbags.
I just bought a new fifth wheel(07 raptor) 33' 10,010 claimed dry weight. I was pulling it across interstate 40 through arizona into californa. The temperature in cali was about 105* going through the desert.
Now to the story. Any of you who have driven that way know of the hills and win. Up two long hills I lost speed from 72 down to about 35 and into third gear. I was only at about half throttle cause every time I gave it any more the engine temp would run to high (230*) if
I kept my foot half throttle, with the rpms at about 2500, the fan would keep it down (220). I was passed by every semi, a car pulling a van on a uhaul trailer, and a (97) chevy suburban pulling what looked to be about a 28-30 ft travel trailer. I had some coolant puking going on. I put about 3/4 of a gallon back in, even had the a/c shut off and the windows down. is something wrong or is that just the best my truck will do? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif any comments would help. Thanks- Dan
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did it blow coolant? if it did your head gaskets are probably gone...mine is in the shop for that right now. According to my shop it is a problem with the 05's.(they had 3 stock trucks there with the problem and also said they have done a bunch)..mine would run fine driving in town but if i romped down on it or had a load thats when the coolant would come out.
Yeah it blew coolant. I added about 3/4 of a gallon of coolant. any chance of a thermostat? not opening fully or gunked up.??

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well mine blew more than that under the load i had with it...probably max for the truck. Took it easy on the limp home, after a refill. then checked it again later that day with a small easy drive, no coolant loss but the top raditor hose got rock hard... there was no white smoke and I saw on here if no white smoke probably the head gaskets not the egr and since there was good pressure build up in the hose i knew that it was most likely the head gaskets. My truck would run fine if driving it easy and no coolant loss, though the top hose still got hard. So I took it too the dealer and they had the same thoughts....mine is still there and i haven't heard exactly what it is....but the head of the service department and the head diesel tech thought it was the head gaskets....guess they are still working on it, but i know it is a big job and they had three stock ones there with the same problem... they both said when under a big load the 05 seems to blow the gaskets, though he did say they have fixed over 20 (maybe even more) non have come back yet...
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some but not enough to blow coolant...i know what 16lbs is supposed to feel like...and last i checked that is a maximum....
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