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slow tow/ over heating

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ok sorry in advance for how long this might be.
First off my truck: 05 F250 6.0L 80000 miles. Banks 6 gun tuner, exhaust, intercooler, intake, airbags.
I just bought a new fifth wheel(07 raptor) 33' 10,010 claimed dry weight. I was pulling it across interstate 40 through arizona into californa. The temperature in cali was about 105* going through the desert.
Now to the story. Any of you who have driven that way know of the hills and win. Up two long hills I lost speed from 72 down to about 35 and into third gear. I was only at about half throttle cause every time I gave it any more the engine temp would run to high (230*) if
I kept my foot half throttle, with the rpms at about 2500, the fan would keep it down (220). I was passed by every semi, a car pulling a van on a uhaul trailer, and a (97) chevy suburban pulling what looked to be about a 28-30 ft travel trailer. I had some coolant puking going on. I put about 3/4 of a gallon back in, even had the a/c shut off and the windows down. is something wrong or is that just the best my truck will do? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif any comments would help. Thanks- Dan
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Mine was doing the same thing... Sorry to say but you probably have blown head gaskets. Mine would run fine around town or unloaded but as soon as you started leaning on it hard it would puke coolant. About 2-3 minutes into a big climb it would lose power, EGTs would go way down and so would boost. My opinion is that the gaskets and/or bolts had been compromised but would seal until things heated up to a certain point. Once that point was reached, something would move such that the gaskets would no longer seal and I'd be stuck crawling up the hill. Would reach the top, back off, and a couple miles later everything would be back to normal boost and power (until the next big climb). I called a number of dealers in town until I found one that would install some ARP head studs (that I furnished) during the warranty repair for an additional $200 in labor. By that time the motor had ingested enough coolant so that the turbo had gotten gummed up, so they cleaned that out as well. Last trip with the repairs went very well, truck pulled great and didn't lose power even on a very long climb.

Good luck!

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Yeah, that does sound a little different than what mine was doing. My egt's would go down to about 900ish and boost would drop to 15psi give or take, coolant temp ok according to the stock gauge. When I would stop and check under the hood, nothing seemed overly hot to the casual inspection. Does the stock system defuel at some set coolant temp? 218 doesn't seem all that high for a pressurized system. Maybe one of the Ford techs will chime in...
Yep mine was having its issue even with a stock tune. With all your coolant loss it still points to either EGR cooler or head gaskets, but my money would be on the gaskets because once the cooler fails it's done (at least when mine failed earlier, it was completely blown, dumping raw coolant into the intake and producing huge clouds of white smoke/steam). The gasket issue can be intermittent depending on how hard you're working the motor at the time.
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