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slow tow/ over heating

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ok sorry in advance for how long this might be.
First off my truck: 05 F250 6.0L 80000 miles. Banks 6 gun tuner, exhaust, intercooler, intake, airbags.
I just bought a new fifth wheel(07 raptor) 33' 10,010 claimed dry weight. I was pulling it across interstate 40 through arizona into californa. The temperature in cali was about 105* going through the desert.
Now to the story. Any of you who have driven that way know of the hills and win. Up two long hills I lost speed from 72 down to about 35 and into third gear. I was only at about half throttle cause every time I gave it any more the engine temp would run to high (230*) if
I kept my foot half throttle, with the rpms at about 2500, the fan would keep it down (220). I was passed by every semi, a car pulling a van on a uhaul trailer, and a (97) chevy suburban pulling what looked to be about a 28-30 ft travel trailer. I had some coolant puking going on. I put about 3/4 of a gallon back in, even had the a/c shut off and the windows down. is something wrong or is that just the best my truck will do? /ubbthreads/images/graemlins/shrug.gif any comments would help. Thanks- Dan
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My truck never lost boost, with my foot half throttle is stayed about 20ish. my egts were right aroung 1100 give or take a few hundred here or there( located in the drivers manifold) my engine fan would kick on right at 218* every time, according to my banks PDA.
I had my banks down to stock setting, i knew in that heat that stock was the way to go. My stock gauge eevn moved from it's normal position to right about to the edge of normal range twice, thats when my banks temp gauge said 230* and even 234* once.?? seems hot to me...
The banks system was turned down to stock from the way before I hit the hills. The fan sounded fully engaged when it hit 220 i usually stayed there but twice it spiked up. should i just run it there or back out like i did?
where exactly or what exactly are you talking about when you say heat exchangers?
Yeah it blew coolant. I added about 3/4 of a gallon of coolant. any chance of a thermostat? not opening fully or gunked up.??
sorry it's taken a while to reply, but tonight i took the grill off and cleaned the first heat exchanger, which I'm not sure which it is, but it had a considerable amount of bugs and rocks in. the bugs i got off, and like you said sprayed with simple green, but as far as spraying from rear to front ( to push the gunk out, not back in) i couldn't get much spray from behind everything into the radiator through all those fins, in fact no water even came through. Do you take them all off and rinse them, or maybe the engine fan shrouding? Thanks
Sorry to ask so many questions, but I'm not real familar with working on these trucks. Tonight I went a little farther like you said and tried taking the bolts off the top of the radiator, which i found four, two on each side? or did i take the wrong bolts off? I saw quite a few bugs on the front of the radiator, sprayed simple green the best i could down there and tried rinsing the bugs off, but most didn't even budge.
On another note, I called the local Ford dealership to see if they could take a look at my truck, they said it would need to be left over night, and couldn't fit me in for at least two weeks... because I am too young to rent another truck or car while mines in the shop, dropping it off for a few days isn't an option. Maybe when I get home, if I make it... j/k I'll try that dealership. thanks for the help.
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