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I have a 1985 F250 6.9 liter diesel with an aftermarket turbo and probably a little over 200,000 miles on it. I’ve owned it for almost two years and it has always run good, although recently I have been thinking it might be smoking a little more than it should. Last week it started leaking oil into the intake valley and it seemed to be coming from the Injector Pump gear housing joint to the engine. I pulled the intake manifold and injector pump after (carefully marking the gear), cleaned everything up and reinstalled, being very careful to align my gear marks. I bled the fuel lines and it started and ran just like it always has but now a little oil was leaking from the gear cover down the front of the engine. I marked the gear again, pulled the pump, did a better job cleaning and sealing, and replaced the pump. I was very careful to align the gear marks again and checked them many times before and after tightening the bolts. It started just a little harder this time and seemed to be running a little rough, but there was no oil leak. I took it for a drive around the block and found that I was low on power and had a lot of light colored smoke following me. Even with no load on the engine there was a lot of smoke, but when I accelerated I couldn’t even see the road behind me. I ran it long enough for the thermostat to open but there was no change in the amount of smoke. While it was running I cracked the fuel lines at each injector and got a good shot of fuel, but no reduction in smoke, and it still ran a little rough. I noticed that when I cracked two injectors it didn’t reduce the RPM as much as the others.
I suspect that I need new injectors but that doesn’t seem to explain the sudden change after working on the pump. I was very careful to reinstall the timing gear where it was before and would have sworn I got it right, but I can’t think of anything else that could be wrong.
Before I go through all the trouble of checking the timing gear alignment is there anything else I could check?
Is there an easy way to check the static timing that would tell me if it is way off?
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