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Smoke... what is normal?

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My (to my knowledge) non-chipped 02 w/ 68k miles puts out a fair amount of black smoke if I lug it while climbing a hill. Is this normal? Once I get RPMs up to 1700 or so the smoke goes away. It's not like I'm leaving a big black cloud behind me, but I can watch it smoke pretty good out my passenger mirror. None of the diesels I've owned smoked at all but none of them had more than 30k miles on them.

Main reason I'm interested is because I say my truck is not chipped, but I actually haven't inspected the PCM. I tried to look at it today but I didn't have time. I have quite a bit of noticeable spark knock type noise too so I'm wondering if the black smoke and the ping sound might indicate advanced timing.

I don't have my boost guage yet so I'm in the dark as to what kind of boost #s I'm getting. My power is good and I hear the turbo spool and whistle good once I get moving up a hill so I don't think I'm having any problems with the turbo.

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dirty air filter.Stuck injector.It will rattle real bad if a injector is not fireing correctly.My wifes did it this morning.Ran it out of fuel.

Low compression dusted motor all sorts could proabably cause it.Start with the basics.Air filter, Injector cleaner, boost leaks.

spark knock idle knock.Some where in my webshots shows the heat exchanger in the fuel tank full of grime.I pulled it out got rid of the knock for awhile.I never had excessive smoke though.

I would just run some diesel injector cleaner through it and see what happens.Won't hurt nothing just make sure it is diesel injector cleaner not gas.

1 - 2 of 8 Posts
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