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Hi all,

I have been making w85 for years but stopped after a bad batch went through and plugged my injectors - bypassed a filter - user error :crying:

So started building a centrifuge, finally said screw it and bought one.

Background - Oil has been settling for over a year, Mixed 15% gas and let settle for a month or so then started cleaning.

Idea is particulates should come out of a thinner solution faster.

Also have notices that after mixing a sludge seems to settle out over the next while.

How fast are you all running oil through? I did the first pass at 15/lhr ~4gallons/hr and got lots of nasties. So I figured I would run a second pass to verify - bowl clean = fuel clean.

:surprise:Second pass at 7l/hr 2g/hr got lotsa nasties!!!

How slow and how many passes do I need to run?

I want it super clean as it is going into my Mercedes Jeep CRD. (Is a "test" jeep, high miler that I bought specifically to test w85 in before putting it in my "good" one.)

Run in my cummins, perkins etc no problem

How are your results?

thx John
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