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Solution for higher Seat?

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My 95 F250 does not have a vertical seat adjustment. I like to sit high in my vehicles, and am kind of annoyed with having to sit down low. Do any of the f-series have vertical adjustment seats? Or has anybody simply raised theirs somehow with washers or something?

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I put a '02 seat in an '88 and it sat at least 1.5" taller than the old '88 seat, almost too high, I'm 6ft1", my brother in law is 6ft6" his head touched the roof.

I've had several seats in and out of trucks, taurus seats, different truck seats.

I've learned that car seats don't work well in trucks unless you put the seats onto the truck tracks somehow.

I am going to modify my stock seat as described here with the plastic/cardboard to keep the seat foam from going through the springs, and I will look into the seat structure as well.

The P/O of my truck was a 900lb gorilla, I'm sure there is structural damage in the seat, he ripped the inside door handle mount right out of the sheet metal of the door and busted the transfer case linkage in two! Like I said, mine was a bit rough when I got it!
You know I had thought of using a melamine type material as well, but wondered if it would be too stiff. At 220lb or so, I'm more worried about it being too soft, not too hard! I'm not sure if the melamine would hold up over time, but it sure sounds like it's working ok for you.

Wish me luck, I'm headed out to put a newly rebuilt injector in #3 from Bean, hopefully this is the end of miss issue with this truck!
1 - 2 of 10 Posts
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