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Solution for higher Seat?

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My 95 F250 does not have a vertical seat adjustment. I like to sit high in my vehicles, and am kind of annoyed with having to sit down low. Do any of the f-series have vertical adjustment seats? Or has anybody simply raised theirs somehow with washers or something?

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Just did my seat last weekend before a 1000 mile trip. It was sagged out on the left side and the lumbar brace (3 inch curved piece) was broken on both sides. The previous owner also was a 'bigger' individual. I used self tapping screws to re-secure the lumbar brace and then added a soft piece of foam between it and the air bladders.

I then took a piece of panelling from the back of my old entertainment center and cut it to fit between the foam and spring wires. I then shimmed up the left side with pieces of carpet.

Re-installed and it is way firmer and much taller. A little to tall. I probably could have stopped at one piece of carpet in stead of three.

It was very comfortable to drive but did impair my vision a bit as I had to look 'under' the top of the window to see traffic lights.

Over all though I took a 200 K seat and made it feel like a new one.

As well, a friend of mine who is vertically challenged did raise his seat using spacers.
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