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Hello All

I just wanted to thank everyone for all of the excellent suggestions. My truck is fixed and is running good now for (4) weeks

Original problem symptoms:

1) Water coming out of exhaust/muffler
2) White Smoke/Water Vapor from tail pipe
3) Water Reservoir has exaust coming out when cap removed and engine is running.

1st Repair Shop: Sanders Towing & Repair, San Dimas, Ca.

Diagnosis: Cracked Block, Replace Engine, Est Cost - $14,000

2nd Repair Shop: Long Beach Pacific Ford, Long Beach Ca.

Diagnosis: Cracked Block, Replace Engine, Est Cost - $12,500 (Discount Price)

3rd Repair Shop: All-Time Diesel Repair, Glendora, Ca.

Diagnosis: After Testing (Only shop to do this) they discovered that the EGR Cooler was leaking into the cylinder. Fixed the problem by replacing the the bad EGR Cooler.

I cannot say if the first (2) repair shops were negligent in their assessment, but neither performed any test to narrow down what the problem could possibly be. They both just looked at the symptoms and determined cracked block and a total engine replacement. They both even went as far as saying it would be best just to replace the entire motor (Long Block) since the truck had so many miles... Wow!!!

Anyway the total cost for me was rather expensive, however if I had gone to a reputable repair shop from the beginning I could have avoided much of the total cost. These costs are:

Sanders Towing & Repair, Diagnosis Fee: $90.00
Towing to Long Beach Pacific Ford: $250.00
Long Beach Pacific Ford, Diagnosis Fee: $190.00
Towing to All-Time Diesel & Repair: $250.00
Repair EGR Cooler: $1200.00
Rental Car: $600.00 (24 Days)

Many Thanks again to all here in the forum and to All-Time Diesel and Repair, Bill and his mechanics are the best. I am glad to be up and running again... Hopefully I will make it to 200k before anything else major breaks.



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I was given the choice of two options to fix the truck GoFasterDammit. Replace the EGR cooler or install an EGR Cooler delete kit.

Replacing the EGR cooler means that I would have the problem sometime in the future.

But with the EGR delete kit I would never have this problem again and maybe even get better gas mileage to boot. But, using the EGR delete kit turns my truck into a "Off Road" use only vehicle.

So the choice was obvious... ;)

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