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Some guidence needed on bringing my x down a notch.

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Hey guys. I have been shopping for a clean 7.3 for about 6 months and it is now sitting in my driveway. Only problem is a good one to have.. The brand new wheels and tires are way too big for "spousal" approval and the 8" lift needs to be replaced with what I believe to be a 2 or 3 inch lift.

In doing all this my other issue is that the x is replacing a yukon denali. I know I'm not going to get that kind of car ride now that I have a truck, but I need the conversion to result in something my wife and I will both enjoy driving.

So, my initial plan has been:

1) Go through x picture threads and find the guy who has the exact lift / tire / wheel combination I want.
2) Sell the wheels and tires locally. I've had an offer for $1k, and don't know if that is decent or not considering the PO paid over $2k a few months ago and I have found the combination online for $1650.
Order the wheels/tires
3) Find someone who has a top quality 2-3" lift and trade.

It already has rancho adjustable shocks so I don't imagine there is much reason to change them.

There does not appear to be any extensions to the brake hoses or drive shafts. The front shaft is just extended under the boot.

Sorry for my lack of initial knowledge, I would just like to have some people watching over me as I'm making the initial changes that I know are important.

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