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Me and my buddy installed the Sonnax/ Tricumm in my truck last weekend and it has been shift rather hard in my opinion from what ive read it should. It is actuall kinda jerky. I was wondering if we could have done something wrong. The only thing that didn't go as planned was that both the stock springs on one side fell out at one time. They had slightly differnt coloring and we werent sure we put them back in in the same order they fell out does that matter?
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Don't quote me on this (im sure one of the tranny x-perts will chime in soon anyway).... I do now that the 4th gear spring is a different color than the 2nd or 3rd gear is. (maybe blue and other 2 are white - can't recall). Which gear is shifting hard - or all of them? I have found that typically 3-4 is quite firm, 2-3 a little firm (about right) and 1-2 not quite firm enough when I put the line valve/sping kits in (i've done 3 or 4 of them and all of then shifted this way.)

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